Moving to the aurora store soon

hello everyone,
im anthony new to the forum just wanted to say how nice this site is.
question i have is im wanting to get away from google and all its other sites if possible.
have been doing research on the aurora store which seems great but is there anything special i need to know before i make that leap? i know not to use any google accounts i have is there other things i should consider.
thanks so much


If you want to pretend to leave google without really leaving google, then AS may be for you. Not recommended.

Use other apps from F-Droid without anti-features unless you really know why not.


Aurora store is an excellent alternative client for the play store and does not require a google account. However, it downloads apps directly from google servers and if on one side it’s a good thing because you have the same security you would have using the play store on the other side you continue to depend on google.

In addition, aurora store goes against the play store’s terms of service, so if you use it with your google account you might be suspended (although I’ve never heard of this happening).

The best way to break away from google is to look for alternative apps on f-droid and try to use f-droid as your main store as much as possible and use aurora store only in case of indispensable and irreplaceable apps not available on f-droid.

Personally on my phone I’ve installed ~220 apps (many of them just to test them) and only 7 from aurora store (5 of which are open source anyway), all the others are installed from the official f-droid repository or from the izzyondroid repo.


" If you want to pretend to leave google without really leaving google…"
funny, and sad, all at the same time.

The ball & chain around our ankles is almost so real, we could almost see the scratches it leaves on floor behind us; SMFH.

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Except that aurora store sometimes bugs out(when google changes his api). sometimes it can’t get a token when you need to install the app badly.
At least it saves you one reboot, by not having to install gapps after you install the rom xD

I’ve used aurora with and without an account, depends on what works at the time.

I started using aurora because I couldn't start my phone after installing a rom

Basically, I don’t have mobile data, and my wifi can be… finicky. So as I liked to try out custom roms, every time I installed gapps, if the wifi wasn’t letting the phone connect, I couldn’t get past the google’s “welcome screen”… or if the wify disconnected in the middle of update checking… once it cost me 2$ because I forgot to disable mobile data…

There are some company specific apps that you may have trouble accessing because the burner Google account the Aurora Store uses is not in the correct region. I currently have not figured out how to deal with this.

App purchases that are applied after you sign into an installed app via a separate log in can not work because the app purchase was done in a different region then the burner Google account your store uses.

You need to enable the insecure anonymous setting.

Is there any type of region change setting that doesn’t use insecure anonymous or does Aurora only have one region and you have to use your own IPs to get a different one.

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