Move F-Droid app repo from Github to Codeberg

Hi all,
I’m a happy (but a bit clumsy) developer of the TKCompanionApp available on F-Droid.

Till now, I had my source code on Github, but I would like to move it to Codeberg (or even Savannah, actually, where all my other projects are), but I would like to understand which kind of tricks I have to do on the Gitlab mirror to point do either Codeberg or Savannah, without destroying, in possible, the current status.

I’ve already mirrored/imported the repo from Github to Codeberg, but I don’t want to tweak the Gitlab configuration to avoid messing up things (as I usually do).

Any hint?



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While I think it is technically possible to set up GitHub to be a mirror and copy over tags too, migrating properly to Codeberg should just be a few URL changes. See Transistor is now hosted on Codeberg (!11401) · Merge requests · F-Droid / Data · GitLab as example. If you’re scared of making the change yourself, just telling us about the new URLs (preferably in an fdroiddata GitLab issue, but I can also forward this post) should work too.


Thank you Sylvia, I’ll try to do my best and do it by my self… :crossed_fingers:t2:

Congrats and thanks, for doing the right thing. May hundreds or thousands follow your lead.

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