Most Reliable Method or Apps to Move Data to a New Phone

Can anyone recommend a reliable app for moving all my installed apps, phone logs, and messages from my existing Android phone to a new Android phone?

Titanium Backup would be my first choice but I found it sometimes chokes on some apps. Thank you!

EDIT: These are for rooted phones without Google.


Alpha Backup, All Backup & Super Backup. Unfortunately all are proprietary, but work flawlessly and don’t need root.

Open source apps like NeoBackup, DataBackup work, but not always.

Still try those.


Please do not put direct links to apk files, rather put a link to a reliable source from which to download the apk (f-droid, git repository, official site).

I see that it is a link to the izzyondroid repo, so I personally consider it safe, however it would be better to put the link to the app details rather than the direct download: DataBackup - IzzyOnDroid F-Droid Repository

  1. I use Google account for some of my data but that’s interchangeable with alternatives.

  2. phone logs, and messages: SMS Backup+ push those to Google Mail “folder”

  3. My App List saves the list of all installed apps and then allows to quickly install the apps on the new phone. Supports both F-Droid and Aurora Store/Play Store. The alternative is to carry apks together with backup data.

  4. Backup/restore with oandbackup (for legacy phones) or NeoBackup (much improved)

No need of the Titanium Backup and other proprietary stuff.

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