Mode racine personalDNSfilter sans vpn local


I am using personalDNSfilter to filter DNS and block ads. However it uses the vpn funtion of my phone, so I can’t use it with protonvpn at the same time.

But today, in the personalDNSfilter options, I noticed two options:
-proxy mode dns without local vpn
-root mode without local vpn

Does it mean I can select one of these options and use at the same time personalDNSfilter (toblock ads) and protonvpn?

Thank you.

I am unable to access the apps website.

I am going to assume that proxy mode lets you set the DNS IP in the Wi-Fi connection editor, and hence only works for Wi-Fi connections configured manually.
Root mode is likely best and does what you want, but obviously requires root.

Are you blocking redirects? If so, it goes from