Mock Moving Location Spoofing

Hello fdroid forums
Made an account specifically to ask this question after a good while of thinking where the best place to ask something like this was .

I have used apps such as Fake Traveler from the Fdroid Repo and the Fake GPS Location App in the Play Store by Lexa (Here) and I can say they both are very useful and both are my go-tos for Mock Location
However, a thought that has quite intrigued me is the reason for this thread, I have spent a little while researching this topic when ive had time that past couple days, I even ended up on reddits Pokemon Go Spoofing subreddit because I wanted to see if any kind of Simulating Movement while Mocking Location was plausible, haven’t really found exactly what I am looking for, or to the answer of the question if this is even possible. My research may also have failed due to me searching too broadly and not knowing the keywords to find specific answers, whatever the reason, I ended up here.

Ive seen apps that have some kind of “route” features where the idea was to simulate walking or some sort of scheduled movement(Im pretty sure, don’t quote me on that, not exactly sure what routing is for in certain apps) but it wasn’t really working.
Is there a way to Simulate Movement such as Driving while Spoofing your Location?
Say for example, someone is tracking your location, or your sharing your location with somebody, Point A and Point B, is it possible to Spoof that you went from Point A to Point B, and it looked in real time like you drove there if whoever was tracking the location was watching it?

and before you ask or incase this is what you are thinking, no I do not have any intentions to attempt to defraud any sort of RideSharing apps or Food Delivery or any other sort of service app to get paid. This question is out of mostly Curiosity, but also the need and desire to have the knowledge if I was ever in a situation where I needed to Spoof my Location.
Like I said I don’t even know if this is possible, although with fdroid I know if there is a need, there is a way, hopefully someone can shed some light on this for me. I hope I made what I am asking as clear as possible, and I thank anybody who answers in advanced.

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I’ve used Lockito (yes proprietary lol) to simulate driving and test voice directions and routing for OSMAnd and Organic Maps.

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Dang this seems like exactly what i was looking for
Thank you!
I will leave this thread open for other contributions

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