Missing webview

Hi guys
There’s no webview engine at all in my SO android kitkat 4.4.2, only the own webkit of dolphin browser.
The phone’s rooted and works with 3C toolbox and Xplore file manager.
I’ve downloaded a couple of webview apps but they don’t even open, and also a so called webview-developer-browser-master in zip format, all that from aptoide store.
Dolphin works fine and all ads-free apps as expected.
I’m just a very curious user and my querys are :
1- Is it possible to lend the dolphin webkit to other apps or to the hole system ?
2- Do someone know any alternative webview APK to put to work without big knowledge.
The native chromium 30 is non-existing and I also may try something with the chromium version of a jelly bean, so if somebody could stretch me some instruction (please in user’s language…) on how to deal with this problem I’ll be so acknowledging.

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Android prior to 4.4 had WebView bugs so severe that, even if you had it installed on your system, you should not use it to browser the internet.

This is the primary reason that Privacy Browser has a minSkdVersion 19 (Android 4.4).


It is unclear to me if Dolphin’s embedded WebView has incorporated fixes for these problem, or if they just ship a vulnerable WebView and hope that nobody notices.