Missing feature: limit updates to one or more repos

PipePipe is available from IzzyOnDroid and from the F-Droid repo. I would like to get updates from F-Droid only but I get a hint, that an update is available (from IzzyOnDroid). It would be great if I could select “ignore updates from IzzyOnDroid for this package” like “ignore this update” (translated from german).
F-Droid 1.17.0 (lineageos from microg).

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The app is build reproducible…

Does reproducible builds protect me if the new version is not available at F-Droid for some days? In this case Izzy is/was an admin (?) at F-Droid and it isn’t really important, but in general?

Build reproducible means you can install their APK (it has the same signature: metadata/InfinityLoop1309.NewPipeEnhanced.yml · master · F-Droid / Data · GitLab), as F-Droid will just verify it later if you chose to wait.

Can you rephrase?

My workaround is that I have both F-Droid and Neo Store installed and I use F-Droid for f-droid.org and Neo Store for IzzyOnDroid and ignore all updates in Neo Store for apps I installed from F-Droid. I understand using two clients is a bit cumbersome but until a feature like this exists it works :sweat_smile:

One way is too keep the repos turned off during update check for the ones you wish to not update from. Cumbersome…

Second way is to ignore “this update” for the ones you do not want to update. Again cumbersome…

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