Missing feature: limit updates to one or more repos

PipePipe is available from IzzyOnDroid and from the F-Droid repo. I would like to get updates from F-Droid only but I get a hint, that an update is available (from IzzyOnDroid). It would be great if I could select “ignore updates from IzzyOnDroid for this package” like “ignore this update” (translated from german).
F-Droid 1.17.0 (lineageos from microg).

The app is build reproducible…

Does reproducible builds protect me if the new version is not available at F-Droid for some days? In this case Izzy is/was an admin (?) at F-Droid and it isn’t really important, but in general?

Build reproducible means you can install their APK (it has the same signature: metadata/InfinityLoop1309.NewPipeEnhanced.yml · master · F-Droid / Data · GitLab), as F-Droid will just verify it later if you chose to wait.

Can you rephrase?

My workaround is that I have both F-Droid and Neo Store installed and I use F-Droid for f-droid.org and Neo Store for IzzyOnDroid and ignore all updates in Neo Store for apps I installed from F-Droid. I understand using two clients is a bit cumbersome but until a feature like this exists it works :sweat_smile: