Missing F-Droid Forum app?

Sorry to take up a whole thread for this one question, but does any one know what happened to that F-Droid Forum App?
I have it on my old/last phone, and since I still havent got an answer from my last “nearby or far away” thread, I still can’t just “beam” over that Forum app to my new/current phone.

Was depreciated, read more: Draft: add policy for packaging website wrapper apps (!859) · Merge requests · F-Droid / Website · GitLab

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You can still get it by enabling F-Droid Archive as a repository source but given the app didn’t add anything over just using your browser I’d recommend just using your a browser instead.

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I looked at your link and read a “chat script” of some kind that looked like Russian to me. I really know the very basics (if that) about all this phone app programming stuff. So “sorry”, but could you give me the dummies version of what that link was saying?

Yeah anyway, there’s a discussion there collapsed in (yuck!) threads.

Basically it’s better to use the browser, you can even make a shortcut and it looks like an app. :slight_smile:


“Ah, I see” said the blind Man.

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