Migrate f-droid installation to new phone


is there a way to migrate fdroid apps from one phone to another, similar like it is done for the google play store apps when I copy data from the old to the new phone (at least for pixel phones).

For me also an adb way to get a list of apps which were installed from fdroid on the old phone, copy the list to the new phone and run another adb command to download and install the apps from fdroid would be a good start.

Are you on an aftermarket OS that includes Seedvault? Like Calyx/Divest/Graphene/Lineage?

It’s not perfect, but this could help:

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Right now migrating from Google OEM version to LineageOS.

So for the next version I am on LineageOS19.1

Not sure if that includes a working seedvault setup.

Thanks a lot, that is what I was looking for.

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