Mi Manga NU (ES/EN)

Actualice la aplicación de Mi Manga Nu a la versión 1.110 (Ultima versión) y el servidor de NineManga que es el que tiene uso para leer ya no me funciona, al intentar agregar un manga a la lista no me aparece ningún capítulo, es como si los mangas estuvieran vacios.

I update the application of Mi Manga Nu to version 1.110 (Latest version) and the NineManga server that is the one that has use to read no longer works for me, when trying to add a manga to the list no chapter appears, it is as if The sleeves were empty.

sorry if the translation is wrong, I used google translator since I don’t have a good level of English

Did you report this to them: https://github.com/raulhaag/MiMangaNu/

Or to the server? Albeit that’s rather shady with Contact Us going to forauto dot com :expressionless:

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