Metered wifi and auto downloads

Is there a way to STOP F-Droid from automatically downloading updates for installed apps?

I have a new to me Nexus 5x that has Copperhead 8.1.0. My at-home Wi-Fi is a metered connection so I try hard to control what uses my bits.

The problem is that F-Droid is downloading updates without asking. I have set “Automatic Update Interval” to “Never” and unchecked “Automatically install updates” and unchecked “Show available updates”. That stopped the auto install - but it still downloads!

I want F-Droid to never_ever_download_anything unless I ask it to.

Am I missing a setting that will prevent the downloading? Is there a way to flag my Wi-Fi as “metered” so it will quit costing me money?

Maybe this is a Copperhead issue - I don’t know so I figured I would ask here first. smiles

1st spell the F-Droid version

2nd, AFWall+

Ahh. Good point. Looks like version 1.0.2. It is what came with Copperhead.

Seems like the best idea is to update to 1.2.2, which was released almost a month ago, and report back. There were some improvements made in F-Droid exactly to this topic in recent versions.

This has also been a topic in TWIF Week 18. Although I’m not sure those improvements consider metered WiFi.

Probably can’t hurt to double-check: I don’t know how closely Copperhead matches stock Android, but since @ least 7/Nougat, there’s (OS) Settings > Data Usage > Network Restrictions, which can toggle any Wifi connection to be treated same as cellular re: limited data usage.

NicoAltF - I can’t upgrade. It seems version 1.0.2 is built in to Copperhead.

TPS - thanks! I was not aware of the Network Restrictions setting. I have made changes and I’ll see how it goes.

It seems wrong that the most inflexible, irritating, and intrusive app on my 'phone is F-Droid! Yes, I’m blaming Copperhead.

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