Meta Quest and F-Droid Apps

Hi all

I wish to buy my first Meta Quest. I am waiting for the 3 version which will be released end of September 2023.

There is no discussions in this forum. I am the first one.


I wish to use F-Droid like on any other Android based wallet garden.

Can anyone describe their experience with F-Droid on Meta Quest?
There seems to be very few users on Meta Quest who use F-Droid, hardly find any posts with a web search,

Why would you think that anything Meta (Facebook) would be here in F-Droid. Is there some FOSS app or utility to use with Meta / Oculus Quest? I’m thinking not.
Maybe I’m missing something(?).

You got it backwards :slight_smile:

It’s about F-Droid running on those devices like on any other Android ones.


Hah. Backward and missing things. My bad. Thanks.