META: Forum mention in F-Droid app?

I kind of stumbled into this forum (17 days ago! :astonished:) simply by sheer dumb luck & have found it quite helpful. I always thought F-Droid could use something like it, but had no clue it was here.

When I check in the app where I think a mention of this forum should be (Settings » About F-Droid), I don’t see any link/mention. Is this by design? Or would an RFE over @ GitLab be the right way to go?

1 Like does not exist in the code, I checked.

Yes, you can create an issue in your link.


RFE’d. Thanks for the encouragement, @hotlittlewhitedog, @anon99929151, & @Coffee


Those of y’all who liked this, please consider :+1:ing the mentioned GitLab issue, too, if not outright making a PR for it. :bow:

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