Messaging app, recommend

good afternoon:

I wanted to ask you what application for sms, which is equal to Silence and with few services or permissions.

I also wanted to ask you for an application for messaging or to have conversations, which do not have many permissions or privileges, and that is private and secure. Since I do not trust Telegram or Whatsapp.

I forgot to mention that I don’t use anything from Google, Google Play Store, etc…

I use Lineageos without anything from Google and without gaps.

Could you recommend me.


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There’s none with e2ee like Silence, no :frowning:

I’m partial to XMPP, so go with Conversations :wink:


Good afternoon @Licaon_Kter

Thanks for your help and time.

Too bad Silence is not updated. It’s going great so far though.

I will try the app you tell me about.

Thank you very much for your help and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

if you’re anything like me, you were put off by first trying Conversations and the prompt to pay for messaging after a certain period. I remember seeing that and promptly uninstalling the thing.

The idea is to find your own PUBLIC XMPP SERVER if you are not going to host your own or try the Conversations one (not free after a certain period).

There is a list of public XMPP servers here: but you can search for PUBLIC XMPP SERVER and see what else comes up if you like. I have no idea if anything is truly end-to-end encrypted like they say, but I hope it is.

Anyway, after setting up a username and password (on the website hosting the XMPP server), you want to sign in (in Conversations) as an Existing user account. Getting an XMPP login and password is a bit like getting a free email address (though it isn’t an email address).

I hope that helps.

PS. There are open-source XMPP apps on every operating system I can think of. Some of them require you to enable encryption but Conversations has encryption turned on by default. I do not know why conversations cannot tell me who is online like Gajim can, but that might be for another time.

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Accounts are free since last year, fyi :wink:

Yup, >250 good >90% servers: (too bad this page will soon go away:frowning_face:)

to host your own

Always better :slight_smile:

I do not know why conversations cannot tell me who is online like Gajim can, but that might be for another time.

Your contacts need to advertise this, eg. enable that setting in Conversations if you want to advertise it to them, above “prevent screenshot”. Also enable “dynamic tags” to have the colour of the send icon tell you if they’re online

Hi, in this respect I have 3 apps that I normally use (all of them available on F-Droid):

Jami is encrypted end-to-end and has no central server (is peer-to-peer), with good videocall implemented (also available as desktop app), private and secure, the only data-account is the one in your device.

TRIfA is a Tox client (very similar to Jami), it works fine in mobiles (and you can use it on desktop also, or use qTox for desktop), but videocall doesn’t work properly yet and the security hasn’t been officially audited.

Delta Chat is a simplified (WhatsAppied?) mail client. You set it with a mail account and use it as a messenger with end-to-end encryption (with other Delta Chat users).

Hope some of these is useful for you. Kind regards!

Would Signal-FOSS from be out of scope ? Signal-FOSS - TwinHelix

Same silo as Signal, same aversion towards F-Droid, etc…

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