Merge request settings

  • i was unable to login on my gitlab
    account & there was merge request pending
  • if merger requests me to change commit
    i must able to do so using cli and without
    logging into gitlab website
  • to overcome the above issue, i have
    created test repo and intend to learn
    creating, modifying merge requests using
  • i believe for fdroiddata merge requests
    squashing is enabled by default
  • i hope settings in my test repo and
    fdroiddata repo must be identical
  • what settings should i use: settings
    merge requests:
    • merge method
    • merge options
    • squash commits when merging
  • i have following:
    • merge method: merge commit
    • merge options:
      • Show link to create or
        view a merge request when pushing from
        the command line
      • Enable “Delete source branch” option by default
    • squash commits when merging
      • Require
  • please let me know changes required for
    my test repo merge requests settings
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