Merge Request of your project VS Time

I don’t know where to post this, not in the Issues on Gitlab, not in Merge request because the system need a commit… probably here for discussion.

There are 2 ways to publish an application on FDroid:

Now wait several hours for this to finish

The problem is the time and how much it takes to compile the server and make our package?

With Android Studio, a release package takes ~10 minutes.

Is there a way to speed up this build and give it available to everybody?

What will do the build exactly?
It will download all the application sources published on Fdroid and recompile them to create the server? So increasing the build at each new application published?!

Is there a way to do it from Gitlab like “Merge request” functionnality (job)?
Reducing the RFP and Merge Request tickets on Gitlab.

I don’t think you need the buildserver, just running fdroid build org.fdroid.fdroid without the --server flag is enough. If I’m right, the CI of fdroiddata checks every MR if it builds so you don’t need to test locally.

fdroiddata’s CI only runs lint and rewritemeta, it does not build anything:

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