Media handling, distribution or sharing, status, future?

I saw some interesting and informative (and old) presentation videos recently.

What happened to media handling or distribution; am I right it was too big a job with potential copyright concerns so it was deferred to others?

And why should books have to be attached to reader software for distribution by f-droid? Is there a list of all the offline apps that are essentially as much or more media than software, like: The Light, Quran For My Android, Survival Manual, Forro Lyrics, Sumatora, Aard, and The Life?

Related, what is the best/easiest way to share (media) files from one (android) device to another, locally, assuming at least one has no Google apps? Can f-droid be used to locally share general or media files over bluetooth or wifi, or is that feature coming soon?

Syncthing is pretty nice :wink:

I like TrebleShot for that (it’s on F-Droid). The app starts a webserver on your device that allows the other person to download the shared files. If both users have TrebleShot, it can also be done from within the app. This is a lot faster than bluetooth and cloud based methods.

TrebleShot is great for sharing files over wifi router and the speed is amazing

You can put arbitrary files into an fdroid repo and the clients will download it into a local folder on the device. That’s the extent of the media support right now.

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