Maybe it's time to include ProtonMail's Android app

On April 23, ProtonMail has announced that it has finally open source it’s Android client app.

ProtonMail even said it will release its Android app on F-droid itself.
I hope you could speed up the process of including it to F droid"s repository

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Please see

thank you guys. I say it here because have no account on Gitlab.

you do fantastic job
Protonmail has huge marketshare in FOSS world, that’s why a lot of thanks from us users

Not sure why exactly, specially on the FOSS world this is odd, the whole bridge situation (not using open standards to access email, keeping emails hostage, rejecting PGP encrypted emails) and the fact that you actually give them your private PGP key should make anyone that values privacy for their email run away, right?


Yeah, and there are also concerns that ProtonMail is CIA&NSA somehow.

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this is @Morgoth first posting

nobody knows who runs the site - it looks fishy. Please be careful

I still trust

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As the site owner says, maybe it’s not about themselves but more about the information. You can check those links used for sources and reach your own conclusions.

this is @Morgoth first posting

So what?

it looks fishy

It’s not, the site is fine and the info is legit.

I still trust

You shouldn’t trust anyone, all information is welcome.

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J’ai cru comprendre ici:

et ici:

qu’en 2020, le bridge protonmail n’a pas été ajouté sur F-droid car il contiendrait des dépendances à Google nuisible à la vie privée.
Est-ce que j’ai bien compris?
Est-ce qu’il y a du nouveau à ce sujet?

Did you read F-Droid · Issue #1 · ProtonMail/proton-mail-android · GitHub ?

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No i haven’t (now…yes, but not all)
I’m gonna take time to read it (so after holiday :smile:)

Interesting the apps scanner

I’m gonna take a little more time to better understood it too
(I am in a beginner level in python and it feel easy to understood)