what is the way to deal with Just have seen this as a problem for one of my apps - will be a problem for a lot of others also:

⋊> ~/g/fdroiddata on master ⨯ fdroid build org.walleth   
INFO: Building version 0.11 (11) of org.walleth
INFO: Getting source for revision 0.11
INFO: Creating file at build/org.walleth/
INFO: Creating file at build/org.walleth/app/
INFO: Running 'prebuild' commands in build/org.walleth/app
INFO: Cleaning Gradle project...
INFO: Scanning source for common problems...
ERROR: Found unknown maven repo '' at build.gradle
WARNING: Found JAR file at gradle/wrapper/gradle-wrapper.jar
WARNING: Found JAR file at app/libs/gradle-witness.jar
ERROR: Could not build app org.walleth: Can't build due to 1 errors while scanning
INFO: Build for app org.walleth failed:
Can't build due to 1 errors while scanning
INFO: Finished.
INFO: 1 builds failed

See For now
the best bet is not to use it, most (if not all?) you need should be
available from jcenter and the local support repo. The problem is that
Google has misleading information on wether this will at some time
include non-free deps. If this wont be the case, its just a matter of
275 getting merged and deployed – which, of course, is subject to
f-droid’s temporal distortion field.

Unforuntalty jcenter and the local one does not have all I need as I want to use the new architectural components (Room and LiveData) - guess a lot of apps will use this and it will be a big problem for fdroid :frowning:

it will be a big problem for fdroid :frowning:

Actually not… not more than any other alpha/beta dependencies that
Android devs are so eager to use in releases. And as I said, the MR
is open, I dont expect it to not be merged. Deployment… well, let’s
hope for the best. I think I will try to get some more gradle and SDK
stuff merged and then start nagging Ciaran for a rebuild.

Any why, I am not too concerned about getting the deps to be available
for f-droid builds, but how to keep the buildserver untainted with
this in the long run… the whole “download everything via gradle from
google’s repo” world order is indeed what I am worrying about.

Hehe - I see your point - but the app I want to use the arch components for is also alpha - so using a alpha dependency in this case will be OK.
Great to see that there will be solutions (like the init.gradle one) - thanks for all your work! seems to merged but I don’t understand whether and how to it is possible to use architecture components like room and livedata in a free app. Even more I did not really find info about the licensing of those libraries - google does a bad job about this kind of documentation. So are those libs compatible with a GPLv3 app?

So is it safe to build a new app GPLv3 with dependencies to Room?

Room is licensed with “The Apache Software License, Version 2.0” - so should be compatible with GPLv3 (I am using it in GPLv3 apps) - you can look into the pom to see the license.