Mattermost - issues with buildserver cant build any newer versions

First huge thanks to @Rudloff and all other developers that made it possible to have a more modern Mattermost app version.
It was requested here: Mattermost app required by a whole movement

This forum post is closed now and i cant write what i write here in the old forum post.

Thats why i create here this new one. Some code seems to not be merged and thats why a F-Droid pull request have been closed without merging the code.

What have happened here?
@Rudloff wrote here about some pullrequest have to be merged. They are closed now. Is there still something that have to be merged? Could a dev send a new pullrequest upstream or to f-droid to fix this outdated mattermost issue? That would be great.
There are always recent updates in the mattermost development. Stying at a outdated version breaks many things.

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