Material Files copy over the network?

Thanks whoever helped me with Material Files before.

I can read a book saved on PC on my phone but i cannot copy it over the network. is there any way to do this with Material Files.

I can copy is on the PC from MF but it is not there to paste when i go back to the phone folder

I can email it to myself from Material Files but some files are too big for this

I’m not sure I understand the problem but maybe you can try using syncthing or kdeconnect.

@ darhma . Trying to copy from pc to phone over lan. syncthing looks good. i want to keep all on my pc not in cloud…


Can’t you just yet the FTP feature to move files from your computer?

It just works for me. Copy in a remote folder then paste in a local folder. If it doesn’t work for you maybe you should report it upstream.


@ linsui

Got it working


Not sure what you mean?

@Freddie how do i do that?. I can get server running with url

But i don’t see option to download a file from computer to phone


Doesn’t that just work from your computer? Then copy across the files.

Freddie is the ftp the same as copy and paste. I figured out how to copy and paste from pc to phone. Thanks

I think so. Yes

OK thanks, i didn’t know that

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