Maps Navigation & Saved places

I have been using google maps, now i want to switch to different maps. suggest on that

  1. In google maps i have saved lot of places. is there any map shows navigations and also show the saved maps which is on the way to destination?

Do try OSMAnd~ and OrganicMaps at least

If i understand it correctly you want a to export you favorite places to another app (like those mentioned by @Licaon_Kter)

In that case maybe have a look at some export functions in gmaps or your google account. For the import inside another app, I don’t know if this can be handled automatically (with the export file from gmaps) or if you need to add the places manually…

I went past the export part since that’s umm trickier :slight_smile:

The navigation&favorites stuff sounds doable

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Haha yeah that’s probably tricky :sweat_smile:
For organicmaps there is an issue here:

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