Mapbox: Unknown maven repo

My impression is that Mapbox is tolerated by the F-droid community to be used as a dependency in an app. The Mapbox docs tell the developers to retrieve the dependency from the Mapbox maven repo So this repo must be added to the repository section in the build.gradle file.
But when building the app using fdroid build the error message ERROR: Found unknown maven repo '' at build.gradle tells me that this repository is not trusted by F-droid.

Is there someone who can tell me if it is somehow possible to use Mapbox as a dependency for an F-droid compatible app? and are opensource and therefore can be used in fdroid.

Mapbox is closed source and cannot be used in fdroid.

Thank you for suggesting those alternatives. If there is no other way I might switch to one of those.

But just to make sure: From my understanding the Mapbox Android SDK is open source ( or am I missing something?

This library is indeed under a proprietary license:


Mapbox Maps for Android version 10.0 Mapbox Maps Android SDK

Copyright © 2021 Mapbox

All rights reserved.

Mapbox Maps for Android version 10.0 (‘Mapbox Maps Android SDK’) or higher must be used according to the Mapbox Terms of Service. This license allows developers with a current active Mapbox account to use and modify the Mapbox Maps Android SDK. Developers may modify the Mapbox Maps Android SDK code so long as the modifications do not change or interfere with marked portions of the code related to billing, accounting, and anonymized data collection. The Mapbox Maps Android SDK sends anonymized location and usage data, which Mapbox uses for fixing bugs and errors, accounting, and generating aggregated anonymized statistics. This license terminates automatically if a user no longer has an active Mapbox account.

Simply being on GitHub or having a public source code repository doesn’t guarantee it is under a Free Software (a.k.a. open source) license.

Ok, I see your point.


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