Mapbox in packaging?

If I add Mapbox in my app, is that fine to be included in FDroid store?

Not sure what the policy is for that, wouldn’t want said app to be blocked from the store :slight_smile:

Which license is that exactly?

FYI you need to put your “Mapbox access token” in the source code too, are you allowed to share it in public?

Well, considering that the public access token is in every web page source that you use to access it… It is in app source too. Not likely a problem.
The license is in my original link and is “open source”, I wonder if it is accepted for use in one I would submit to FDroid - what is the policy on this?

This is 2-clause BSDL: It’s allowed on F-Droid.


mapbox itself is opensource so apps that use mapbox libs can be added to f-droid.

The map-license-key is only neccessary if you want to use the online-map-servers.

If you only use mapbox offline maps (that you manually download from ) you do not need the key.

My app “A Photo Manager” uses mapsforge offline maps

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