Manually add version name/build number

I’m using a custom repo to access some self-hosted apk files for personal use. The apk files are modified versions of a base app, so they often have same version number, while having different patches. While adding them to the repo using fdroid update, is it possible to discern the newly added build from older ones with same version number? Maybe by using a timestamp for the update or a manually provided identifier?

I don’t think fdroidserver supports that. The reason multiple APKs with the same version code are allowed in the first place is to enable shipping updates for multiple signing keys.

Sounds to me like you schold modify package name and version code to something that reflects whatever you’re releasing.

Not sure they are allowed…

I’m pretty sure because I’ve implemented it. It’s for shipping reproducible builds: Reproducible Builds | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository

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