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Fennec 60.0 is available on F-Droid now! I’d like to thank everyone who put so much efforts into this release!


Is it me or is version 60.0 available for certain devices? I’ve updated the repos on my F-Droid app and I couldn’t see any update for Fennec.

I’ve also tried installing it using the APK from the website: and I received this message from adb install:

adb: failed to install org.mozilla.fennec_fdroid_600010.apk: Failure [INSTALL_FAILED_NO_MATCHING_ABIS: Failed to extract native libraries, res=-113]


This could be two things. It’s most likely a legit ABI issue – you’re installing an APK with ARM libraries on an x86 device (or, less likely, vice versa). It could also be an issue that Firefox for Android is seeing with recent devices (particularly the Samsung Galaxy S8) – see and related tickets.


So is the reason why F-droid shows no updates available for Fennec on my device? I have a Samsung S5 device (codenamed klte, model SM-G900F), it’s processor is based on the ARM instruction set as far as I’ve investigated so far.


No. Given that you’re using an S5 (a very common ARM device) I think the issue is probably the F-Droid APKs are giving you x86 native libraries, which isn’t what you want. This could be a version number issue – if F-Droid isn’t behaving like the Play Store and is offering the linearly highest version number, rather than the highest version number appropriate for your device, you will get this issue. But I don’t know enough about F-Droid to say what’s really happening.


No, the reason is that, while available, the “recommended version” didn’t get bumped. This should happen with the next index update. In the meantime, you can install it manually from the “versions” fold of the app info screen.


You were right, thanks!


I have the same device and it downloaded and installed on my device just fine.


Firefox advertises itself as Free And Open Source but yet we have forks like icecat; now fennec, why? Why do we have the need for fennec, cant the firefox team support icecat? Or at least provide a fully free software browser and not lies?


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