Ludum Dare (games) repo?

Why is there no Ludum Dare F-droid repository?

It seems like a better way to feed attention to game developers than trying to launch such games on play store.

I think one reason is, that (in my experience) many Ludum Dare games are written using non-free frameworks like Unity. I haven’t seen a lot of truely free Ludum Dare games yet, but I’m also not very actively following the scene.

But sure, if you want to create a thirdparty repository for Ludum Dare games, go ahead :smiley:

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I have a question. Before being placed in the main F-Droid repository, apps are analyzed. Are apps in repositories (Izzy’s, the Gaurdian Project, etc) given the same study? I guess what I’m asking is, “Are they just as safe?”. Thanks.

Depends, GUardian Projects builds them, and they’re their own apps.

Izzy just pulls APKs from Github, basically from the devs.

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So… (And I appreciate Izzy!) It’s all down to trusting the devs not to insert malicious code, spyware, etc. I have no way of knowing. Apps slip through the Play Store frequently. They can more readily fool me… Thanks for the education!

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