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I publish my app on F-Droid as well as on Google Play. Beginning July 20, Google requires every app have a privacy policy. A link to this policy must be added to the Play Store listing. In addition to that, the policy must be included in the app itself. This means that I need a privacy policy text that is free/libre.

I found this old thread where someone asked about a template but there were no replies. On GitHub, there is this app privacy policy generator but it is not GDPR compliant. Popular free apps like Mindustry or Unciv don’t seem to have a privacy policy on the Google Play listing yet.

I assume that many other developers face the same problem. Have you found a solution?

I don’t know if your map needs internet access, but if it doesn’t, a very simple one like Website/privacy-policy.md at master · CatimaLoyalty/Website · GitHub is accepted by Google.

Thank you for your suggestion. My app does not need internet access.

I somehow assumed that I need to have the license text itself included in the app. But merely linking it is probably the most common way. This would even allow me to have a non-free text that is generated by some random privacy policy generator. One little downside of that is that I will need an additional dependency to be able to open the site (thanks, Flutter). But I guess that’s what I will do.

Anyway, it would still be cool to have a free, GDPR compliant template for apps that actually do collect data.

Google doesn’t require the privacy policy to be in the app. It just needs to be hosted on some webpage and Google needs to be given the link.

But of course, putting it into the app too would make it easier for non-Google users to find the privacy policy :slight_smile:

According to this announcement as well as the policy center, Google actually does require every app to have a privacy policy in the app.

All apps must post a privacy policy in both the designated field in Play Console and within the app itself.

Fortunately, the following sentence from the policy center suggests that linking the policy within the app is sufficient:

Please make sure your privacy policy is available on an active URL (no PDFs) and is non-editable.

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