Looking for AQI app

I’m looking for an open source air quality (AQI) app, in the United States context. So far all I’ve found is links to Ooogle. Discouraging, and surprising – this seems like it should be a relatively easy app to write. I don’t need a map - just a quick reading of the current sensor data in a location, with the AQI algo applied on it.


Link to specs and protocols?

The obvious one would be:

I was going to link the purpleair api first because I have a developer token for it, but browsing there now reveals they use Ooogle BigQuery so probably not an option.

I thought you need a weather app.

I don’t think of smoky, unhealthy air as “weather”. If I browse to my favorite local weather webpage this information is not there. But maybe it’s just me, because I don’t use an app for weather so I don’t know what they do. Do you know any FOSS weather app that includes air quality?

I should say that one reason why I don’t use weather apps that most seem to require location turned on, at least initially, and I refuse to do that. The app should let me enter the location manually. The same needs to be true of an app that I find and use for air quality, if any.


Geometric Weather can show “air quality” and “allergens”. Quite what specific measurement is used for each is not made clear.

That may be true for most weather apps found on playstore, but not the ones on F-droid. Most of the ones on here allow you to enter locations as either a city name, a zip code, or coordinates (latitude & longitude). And there’s no requirement that the place(s) chosen bear any resemblance to your actual location.

As for air quality data, cliffcoggin has mentioned https://f-droid.org/en/packages/wangdaye.com.geometricweather/, or there is https://f-droid.org/en/packages/com.ominous.quickweather/; both apps’ screenshots show an air quality item. I have not used either one so not sure what is included in that. For both apps the location permission is listed as optional.

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Thanks for the hints. For now, I just made a bookmark in the browser for accuweather.com which does provide this information, because the apps don’t quite behave as good tenants of my phone :stuck_out_tongue:


Be aware that you can set it to use OpenWeather instead of Accuweather.

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