Looking for an SMS-App

Hello All,

I am looking for an app for sms. The requests:

store sms with date and time on which it should be sent

For timing and controlling some electric heatings with sms.
I want to send sms for starting, stopping and view status of the heatings.

The app should save the necessary sms with date, time and the number to be sent.
If that time is reached, it should send the sms to this number and delete it.

If I save an sms with a number and a date far in the future e.g. 05/05/2099 and I choose the sms to send it at an earlier time, the sms should be sent but should not be deleted, so I can use it again.

So I can save sms whitch I need often without type it always new.

You are likely to have much better luck making an IRC or XMPP bot for your contraption.

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