Looking for an application to login/connect automatically hotspot's portal page


Im looking for an application whom can “record” at the first time, or detect automatically, the way to accept or login for the portal page of a guest wifi hotspot. The idea would be to connect or login a first time, then it does it automatically when connected…

how could I find this?

thank you

There are a lot of automatic /macro based apps which help automate stuffs. You can use them to set rules.

I don’t think those macro apps do what the OP needs (like clicking specific elements on HTML portal pages)

Testing frameworks like Selenium come to mind. But I don’t think those work on Android.

I just saw your post in the other thread ( Periodically enable and disable cell/mobile data, 1 minute per hour? - #2 by vdbhb59 ) the apps you mention there do exactly what the OP describes here

unfortunately the hotspot automatic app from fdroid is very old
it asks for credentials, and Id like to have an app for free/opened hotspot, whom doesnt asks for credentials.
Plus it’s for andro4x, in 2013 :wink:

thank you vm for any idea! :slight_smile:

If it’s a captive portal passer, then you probably want something like https://f-droid.org/en/packages/pw.thedrhax.mosmetro

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