Looking for a POP3 email app

Have tried the search at https://f-droid.org for “mail” , or “email” , but nothing much at all in the email apps description to hint at the apps having POP3 capability. Then searched here on the forum, and found one post at What types of apps are you missing from the FOSS ecosystem? - #619 by anon46495926

I noticed these commands $ pkg search pop3 ; how does one do that ?

Back to the topic. My wife is running the Samsung email app on her tablet. Long story short, it’s not the most wonderful email app. We want better arrangement of folders, POP3 and be able to delete from server. Fairly simple.

Have tried many of the commonly known apps, but they were either transitioning away from POP3 for IMAP, or just didn’t have POP3 at all. So, now have a Moto G32 that has been ‘de-googled’ (by Freedom tech Solutions) and can test a few email apps on that. It’s running Andriod version 14, with CalyxOS on it. Not sure what version of Android is on the tablet.

Can all the emails on the tablet be exported and imported into another email app, or do all email apps simply use the same (email) database.

The Moto G32 has K9-Mail but it seems from POP3 Server Settings - K-9 Mail that nothing has changed since the last time I looked at it. Meaning it is only IMAP where the messages can be deleted from the server.

It was nearly 3 years ago that I asked the question on the K9 forums at How long will K9 support POP3? - #5 by zrx8 - Support - K-9 Mail Forum . Possibly one of the F-Driod apps is a fork of K9 that will bear some resemblance to fully enable POP3 usage ? Let people do what they want to do, not 'force" everyone to IMAP. It doesn’t suit everyone.

I have had a positive reply from FairEmail support (https://email.faircode.eu/ ) , and it seems their app can do what we need.

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Now needing to know the location and name/s of the Samsung email app ‘mbox’ file ?

nice try… surely inaccessible for any app OTHER than itself

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Oh, maybe along the lines of proprietary and unknown ? FairEmail can import an ‘mbox’ file, which is great, but I would need name/location. I guess I can go look for some sort of export of the emails from the Samsung app. I did read somewhere it was SQLite format.

A cursory glance and the common method is to use IMAP to push all the emails to a server and then retrieve them via POP3 in the new email app. Whether that keeps folder structures or not I have no idea.

yes, this might be it

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and enter it in the commandline.

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@Jens - thank you.

From Where do I find emails sent from the Samsung Mail App using a POP3 Mail Account?, it seems the file location is /data/data/com.android.email/databases/EmailProviderBody.db

Why would you want to stick to POP3?

In particular, POP3 doesn’t support any folders at all unless there is some obscure extension I have never heard about.

Most likely the Samsung App either uses IMAP or the folders are only local.