Looking for a capable spreadsheet app

I was originally seeking an engineering toolbox kind of thing with customizable tables and calculations, but I suppose a spreadsheet would do the job if it has basic graphing abilities.

I want something entirely local for storage and that can work offline.

Small screen size with on-screen keyboards on most newer phones makes spreadsheets views not great. There are some, but on F-Droid I only know of a viewer, https://f-droid.org/en/packages/at.tomtasche.reader/ .

It’s crude, but might do the job. Apparently it allows editing and saving as well, but the file needs to be created elsewhere initially. Thanks for that suggestion.

Add their repo: Collabora Office on mobiles supporting password protected documents and available on F-Droid - Collabora Office and Collabora Online

Okay, after trying both (only libraoffice installed on all devices) I find that they will load a spreadsheet but not allow editing other than static values.

Main example being three cells with a3=a1+a2, I can change values of a1 and a2, but a3 does not update. I also cannot edit the formula in a3.

It will also display charts, but changing the data does not update the chart.

So, it’s close, but just not there yet. I’d be better off with a local HTML file with some front-end code.

Works for me. eg. have cell with 100 ( =A2 ) then I edit ( =A2*2 ) and the value is updated to 200

Works for me.

Interesting. I tried it with libreoffice on a couple devices, no go.

Regardless, I found an app called micromathematics plus that will work well.

You’ve installed Collabora Office 21.11.xx right?

Yes, on two devices, but it failed to install on others and I need something that will work on all off them. Not sure why it failed, other than generic “failed” errors or “incompatible” in one case. Libreoffice worked on all, as does micromathematics.

Maybe it’s worth to report this issue to the devs.

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