Looking an Open Source alternative for Subway Surfers

Hi everyone should have known Subway Surfers right? Is there any open source alternatives since I love the genre of the game?

I don’t think there are any.
I’d just recommend putting it in a work profile using Shelter and blocking network access to it.

There isn’t any well known but I know one game that comes close but its a 2D game. It’s called pepper&carrot running game. In the f-droid archive repository. Wish it could be in the main repository it’s a pretty good game for open source game standards visualy and gameplay it would give open source a good look to outsiders. Give that a try tell me how it goes.

Looking at https://gitlab.com/fdroid/fdroiddata/-/blob/master/metadata/com.peppercarrot.runninggame.yml#L29-31 it seems we’re still waiting for upstream to merge a PR with a bugfix. Sadly, there seems to have been no development since 2017 :frowning:

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