Logcat Reader: device logs: latest 5 red flagged items

Dear F-Droid community,

Here are my latest 5 red flagged items in Logcat Reader:

  1. AlarmManager Service
    Unable to set alarm to
    1549861200.000000000: invalid argument

  2. bt_a2dp_hw
    adev_set_parameters: ERROR: set param called even when stream out is null

  3. WifiStateMachine
    Fail to set up pno, want false now false

  4. LibEGL
    eglMakeCurrent: 813 error 3009

  5. SurfaceFlinger
    got GL_FRAMEBUFFER_COMPLETE_OES error while taking screenshot

Ignore the, they’re useless.

What’s the problem exactly? Device? Android version?

There is no problem, they are just red flagged items that continuously show up in Logcat Reader.
Samsung S2, Replicant.

Yes, the output is colour coded.

Those are Android messages, not related to F-Droid directly.

Hence, my questions.

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