Lock screen alternatives

I have just received my Android 12 upgrade (yay!), but that also means I got the imfamous new lock screen. So, do we have any available replacement lock screen apps already?

I don’t think you can replace the lock screen.

The ability to disable/enable wifi, bluetooth, mobile data, airplane mode, etc from lock screen seems like a security issue. Can this be disabled?

Why not? There are several Lock-Screen replacements available (admittedly, only very few at F-Droid). They at least worked in the past – and I haven’t yet heard that this should have changed.


Aren’t they more of a hack and work by disabling the actual lock screen and overlaying on top of other apps though?


I’ve never checked how they work – and it’s years ago that I used any of them, so I indeed cannot tell for sure. But the few I tried offered additional functionalities. To me they seemed really like replacements, not just “customization” or “theming”. I’ve rather been comparing them to “homescreen replacements” (aka launchers). How that really works internally is better been asked from one of their devs :wink:

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