LocalSend not work on PC

Win 7 64 bit. LocalSend will not open

It says problem stopped working. I tried 1.7 as it said 1.9 may not be compatible with windows

1.9 works on the phone. It is searching for where to send file

Windows 7 is dead and does not receive security updates, please switch to Windows 10 or 11.


my business what OS i use. if you cannot answer the question then don’t

Flutter does not support Windows 7 is the issue here: Supported deployment platforms | Flutter

So yes it is directly related to the question what OS you use.

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  1. Please try and not get angry.
  2. When answering, please use words to explain how it is related, if it indeed is. It helps to avoid unnecessary repeats and or confusions which may lead to arguments.
  3. Please understand everyone here is trying to help in their free time, and not obliged to. So do not speak in ill manner.

Finally, maintain decorum as you would everywhere.


You could have said that you went on about security. Anyway thanks for pointing that out.

I wasn’t angry. Please maintain decorum enough not to reframe my comment.

I would have used the word rude, but I myself did not wish to sound rude. Anyways, I did not reframe anything here. Moreover, I am replying just to make that clear. Period.
Just wish your issue resolves. :slight_smile:

Also, just found that this is an issue and developer for LocalSend is requesting “help” to get it resolved. Version earlier then 1.6* seems to be working (presumably). Crashes on Windows 7 · Issue #66 · localsend/localsend · GitHub

You did sound rude tell me what I was. Anyway it doesn’t matter. I know how to protect my computer. And I think it’srude being told about 7 security I don’t like Windows 10 and was unable due to covid to get parts to build one even though I don’t like
I saw yesterday 1.7 worked on 7.i will check out 1.6. Thanks

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1.6 doesn’t work either

An attempt to make it sound like your text sounds to me…

Then it’s your business if you absolutely think you need to use software that has no support anymore…

Not sure then, cause I never used it. Plus I have been on fully unbloated W11 for months now, so not sure there too.

Let us leave it aside. It is not a major thing. It happens.

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Developer here, good news! Windows 7 support is restored in version 1.10.0.


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Some time ago I posted a problem with localSend and Win 7 which is closed.LocalSend not work on PC - #10 by GlenDroid

But I missed the last post from the Developer that said Windows 7 support is restored in version 1.10.0. -thanks developer:-)- I only saw that today and got the latest version which is version 1.12.0 (38)

But still can’t send from phone to PC. I have an Honor X6 phone now and still have win 7 64 bit. I am not interested in any “win 7 is out of date” and will not respond to any such posts

So you can send from PC to Android?

I can send both ways now.Thanks to whoever merged. I made a new thread as the old was was closed and I had not seen the developer’s post. Didn’t know there could be a merge .