Local Notifications with TypeScript and React Native

Ciao all,
I’m trying to understand how to manage notifications without Google services.

I knoe it’s possible (see Push notifications without Google and How Tutanota replaced Google’s FCM with their own notification system | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository etc.) but I’ve not found a proper solution based on pure React native and TypeScript, if any.

Specifically, I’m interested in local notificationss. That is: timed (or event-based) reminder from the app itself.
My app (TKCompanionApp) neither connects to the Internet nor communicates with the external world in any way, so what I need is displaying some notifications based on its internal content (user’s reminders or missing dates and so on).




This is not related to Push.

You need to look up Alarms maybe? Background/Foreground jobs with permanent notification (hide-able in Android 8 or later)?

See how Orgzly or other notes/reminders/alarmclock apps do it.

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Please @Licaon_Kter stop helping me: I feel guilty for all the time I’m stealing you. :sweat_smile:

Thanks, I’ll take a look there. :pray:t2:

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