List of all available web browsers on fdroid?

i have installed fdroid and to my surprise there is no web browser category? internet category has 566 apps.

how do i search precisely for web browser? (example: fennec, tor browser, etc…)


Here are some awesome browsers-

Fennec F-Droid.
Privacy Browser.
FOSS Browser.

Also there is Bromite, but that needs to be added in the repository. You can get it on


Also Tor Browser, after turning on Guardian Project repo.

Hitting List All Internet apps, then adding browser to the search line, then scrolling, isn’t half bad way to see them.


Actually Browser tag search works a lot, but yes F-Droid category and keyword search is not one of the great tbvh. Though I use F-Droid Classic and there browser tag brings up ample search results based on my installed repos.

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