Linux shell for iOS


Maybe a little off topic, but need your advise.

Because of privacy I wish to switch to F-Droid and LinageOS (without Google). I struggle with it very much because complex for me.

Now I see this project

What you think in termns of privacy? I can use now iPhone and ish and my privacy is good? No need to Switch to complicated LinageOS?

What device do you have exactly that you plan to switch?
It’s not clear…it’s an Apple device or an Android one?

You can just mention both in one phrase…

Sorry, English not my native language.
I own an iPhone and wish switch to LinageOS and F-Droid. Google account no thanks.

Not possible. You need to buy a supported Android device.


Thanks. Any more details about that?

No, closed ecosystem, closed hardware in control of one entity.

LineageOS has a list of supported Android devices:
I like the phones from OnePlus. I am using a 4 years old OnePlus3T which is still sufficient, fast, affordable at ebay and still gets updates.
You can use LineageOS with or without the google apps (look for OpenGApps). If you only want the Apps from f-droid the google apps are not needed.
If you buy a OnePlus please do a system upgrade to the latest version BEFORE you switch to LineageOS. Sometimes they update the modem. If you don’t have the latest modem you cannot install the latest android Version (10 by now) to the phone.


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