Links that redirect to another URL

When you open an email there are links that led you to a different URL. Is there any app or add-on for K9-Mail that allows me to open the original link and not the one that directs you?

There are two ways the redirect could happen:

  • an HTML link where the clickable text is a URL that is different than the URL you get when clicking. Here, you can copy and paste the URL
  • the webserver redirects connections, here you need a tool to catch that interaction, since browsers will automatically follow the redirect from the webserver.

Someone (some app) needs to actually load that link to show you where it ends up. So you need a “safer” browser of sorts… eg., Tor Browser to alleviate a bit of the tracking

I can’t copy and paste the “original” URL…

I’m now working on related app Netscope : ( working ff-droid ??)

I have a new release on the go, you can try debug here : : when you re-iterate createChooser on Netscope icon, it will switch to -> link -> searX{link} -> gibiru{link} -> virustotal{link} for multiple actions:

  • Share/SEND
  • Link/VIEW
  • Search/WEB_SEARCH

All installed browsers can be launched.

Can you give an example for such a link ?

Any link that when you open it takes you to another URL different from the one you are clicking on or the one you see when you move the mouse arrow without clicking on the link.

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