Link color in Tor browser and Mull

When I compared Mull and Fennec I chose Fennec because I thought I saw a bug in Mull: it didn’t change the color of visited links [1]. But now I tried the Tor Browser and I see it behaves the same as Mull. Is this a deliberate privacy feature? I see how it could be sold that way, but it is also a grand PITA on sites with long lists of links, like a typical news site.

If it is a feature, can it be configured differently (both in Mull and Tor Browser)?

[1]: I understand that sites can override it with CSS, but I’m testing on a site which definitely does not override. I also understand that Tor Browser by its nature doesn’t save history across sessions - I’m talking about a single session.


You can turn this back on via about:config by setting layout.css.visited_links_enabled to true.

See this for more information: Privacy and the :visited selector - CSS: Cascading Style Sheets | MDN

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I can’t get to about:config in Tor Browser. I just get a blank page. Is there something I’m missing?

Your answer does work in Mull – thanks!


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