Lineage OS with f-droid

If I install Lineage OS on a phone that’s still supported, can I pretty much assume that I can then install f-droid? Also, before I take the plunge, how can I see what apps are available in f-droid?

Edit 1: I am also trying to understand what are typical things that people install after installing the OS? There are multiple “play store” like programs, right?

Edit2 (5/26/19): It seems as though there are “variations” of the ROMs. I came across LineageOS for microG. Are there others besides that?

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You can install F-Droid on any Android system, since it’s a normal app. But if you have a custom ROM, then you most probably have a working custom recovery, and that enables you to integrate F-Droid with your system through the Privileged Extension, which comes quite handy.

You can take a look at the available apps at the website index:

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Do note that the website is currently older, so old APKs (aka broken links) might be linked there.

Please use the F-Droid client to get the new apps and timely updates notifications.

If you have a Treble (Oreo/Pie) compatible device, check Phhusson gsi; I build the Microg flavor and FdroidPriviledgeClient is now included with upgradable official fdroid .102.3 fallback, plus all MicroG/F-Droid back-ends.

(To check if low cost devices are Treble compatible, try to use my in shops before purchasing.)

I found these directly via

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