Lightweight f-droid client?

Hi, I just installed the official f-droid client, but I only need the auto-update feature, nothing else. Are there lightweight f-droid clients with only minimum of features, like only the update feature and nothing else? If there are, are they official? If they are not official, should one use them/can they be trusted?

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You may need F-Droid Classic:

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Try FoxyDroid

+1 for try

Caveat Emptor. :smiley:

Search clients and find smallest (foxydroid) for yourself. :smiley:

Both suggested f-droid client alternatives display me the same installed apps, which is consistent with the original f-droid client.
Both have a more lightweight and simpler looking UI, which is also good.
What’s not so good is that both have an AVAILABE tab: Is there a way to remove/hide this tab (except of course forking the apps and removing the tab)? I only need, as mentioned, the updating feature (PS: and hopefully auto-updating since Android 12).

Another problem: All 3 f-droid clients display 2 apps not installed by me (system apps): TalkBack and UnifiedNlp (no GAPPS). I tried hiding these 2 apps by clicking each in the mentioned f-droid client and switching Ignore all updates, and also by disabling the apps in the system’s app settings, but this unfortunately this didn’t work. Any way of hiding these 2 apps?

@justsomeguy Yes I did that before asking and found the 2 mentioned apps, but checking out 5 pages for possible other alternatives and also maybe there are other clients which don’t contain a f-droid, client, … in their name or are possibly not on at all (yet) :wink: Maybe f-droid have a blog post about f-droid clients, but didn’t find one (although they only have 1 official client it seems, so mentioning no-official clients is kinda hmm).

Very heavy on resources, and freezes a lot. Almost the same as official FD app. Foxydroid is also good, but it is the same after few weeks of usage.
All FD clients (including official) needs to be forced stopped and cache cleaned after a week or 2, every 2 weeks.

Hey. Have you tried AuroraDroid?

It is another freezing one. Plus it does not always show all the correct updates which Bubu’s F-Droid Classic shows. I know even that freezes, but it is far better than the official one which brain deads the cpu and over heats.

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