Let's have a Chinese category and talk in 中文


Hi there,

Could we have a category for people who speak Chinese (and Chinese translators)?

Let me know if this is not the place for the request. Thanks!

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Welcome to the forum!

For sure, I created one. What we still need are some translations and at least one person who keeps an eye on the category and reports spam etc.

@mik Can you translate the following things for me? I’ll then use them for this topic.

About the Chinese category

This category is for all Chinese-speaking people to talk about F-Droid and free and open source software on Android in general.


Thank you, @NicoAlt, for created the Chinese category. Since I’m the one who requested it, I think, it’s my responsibility to take care of it until we have more Chinese members and someone else would like to take the hat.

And here are Chinese translations:


该分类用于中文用户讨论 F-Droid 以及 Android 平台自由开源软件等相关话题。


No problem, great to see interest from you language!

Great, thank you!

I needed to lower the “minimum allowed topic title length in characters” to change the title because it was at 15 before and you needed less characters to say what I said in English :smile:
Now I set it to 5, is this OK for the Chinese language?


15 characters is too long for Chinese topic title. 5 will do and is very well-educated choice :man_student:

average length of English word: 5.5
1 English word = 1.8 Chinese character
15/5.5 * 1.8 = 5


Great to have a Chinese category in this f-droid community. Thank both of you!

I am going to have a very first post under this label. :wink:

Maybe the first step is sorting out some info about F-droid resource in Chinese language then we can have some discuss/ brainstorm for F-droid outreaching or promotion to Chinese societies ?


Thanks for the start!

Do you know already that the whole website is now localizable? It isn’t deployed to F-Droid.org yet but the development version is already available in Chinese. You can help translating on Weblate.


Thanks @NicoAlt

@mik and I have already been involved in the translation work. (He takes the lead, I just follow him :stuck_out_tongue:)

We are thinking how to further promote F-droid beyond translation in Chinese users communities.