Let's Encrypt Changes Cause Problems in Some Apps in Older Android Versions

Recent changes to Let’s Encrypt have caused problems with a number of apps packaged by F-Droid. For example the Delta Chat app no longer connects to my email server on my Android 6 device. It would be great if F-Droid could somehow bundle a solution to this, otherwise every app that needs TLS certificates and wants to support older devices needs to bundle root certificates, and/or a library that keeps them up to date.

Last year there was a discussion here about the lack of TLS 1.2 breaking apps in older Androids. @ByteHamster proposed a solution in a blog post called Android updates and TLS connections, which involved a free code replacement for the proprietary ProviderInstaller service offered by the Goggle Prey Store.

The idea is to write an open-source provider application (just like Google’s provider) that does nothing but bundling Conscrypt and providing a stable API that allows other apps to load it. It can then be updated independently of apps like AntennaPod or F-Droid.

Any thoughts?

This one wierd trick does not work for you?


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