LBRY CEO promises F-Droid app

Jeremy Kauffman, CEO and founder of LBRY, has promised to port the LBRY mobile app for Android to F-Droid.

Heard it on the Destination Linux podcast episode #164 (mentioned at 1:25:26). collects usage information for itself and third parties (more). Want control over this and more? Get The App

A centrally controlled cryptocurrency that LBRY wants 10% of up front.
This in turn monetizes a distribution network without any copyright control(?)

Is there anything good about LBRY?

Edit: And they run Google Analytics.

Do you mean that LBRY gets a 10% cut of creator’s revenue/monetization? Is that better or worse than YouTube currently?

Regarding, copyright enforcement: Kauffman mentioned in the podcast that they’re a “registered DMCA agent” (whatever that means). But basically, what I understand is that they do intend to enforce some form of copyright control as far as their particular instance of LBRY ( is concerned.

As far as I know, their apps, the protocol and the server-side software are completely open source/free software (

And the company ( itself seems poised to grab a bit of market share from YouTube.

LBRY seems serious about getting onto F-Droid. I saw this today.

500,000 LBC for LBRY Android on F-Droid

(Warning: Google Analytics on the site.)

As someone that quit Google everything 8 years ago I welcome platforms like this. It has seen a large influx of viewers and they are pushing YouTube creators to at least mirror their content there.

I think they have too many things on their plate as the platform is improving quickly.
Having this app on the F-droid store seems like a win for both platforms. A step in the right direction.

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For those like me who never heard of those LBRY Credits: 500,000 LBC = 4577 USD according to this.

Nice bounty, but GMS, FCM, and React Native keywords suggest that this won’t be easy money.

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