Last version of Ring

The version of Ring ( could be updated?
February 15th version on fdroid, beta 2 august 4th version on the Playstore and the february version is not present as far as I understand

Hmm, someone should put an FAQ somewhere easy to find…

You can find links to the wiki on package pages:
There you can find build status (maintained by the bot and potentially maintainers). In this case:

That page tells us, that someone is probably working on the problem but it looks like no one managed to get the build server to make “ring” since “20170301”.

If you want to go further down the rabbit-hole, those might or might not be relevant:

My first wild guess would be, that the f-droid build server uses gst-libav <= 1.12 and someone has to update it or recompile it with the patch from But if it was that easy, someone would probably already have fixed it.

Good luck!