Kiosk Lockdown

Hello. Does anyone know if there is an app on F-Droid that will allow the functionality of locking down the Android phones so no one can just install any app without administrator permission? There are some others out there, but they are only on the official download sites. One in particular is MobiLock Kiosk Lockdown, and tried to see if there was a comparable one on F-Droid, but no luck.

I don’t know of something that already does that for Android, but it would be an easy thing to do in a custom whitelabel build. There are many variations already, like a fully headless F-Droid.

Thank you for the reply. There is a product that is out there that does that, and it is called MobiLock Kiosk Lockdown Software, but it is a subscription based service. The reviews are good, but was hoping that F-Droid would have an alternative, because locking down the Androids is essential, especially with so many nefarious apps that are out there. At least on Linux OS laptops/desktops, you can lock down your devices, but for some reason Android, though Linux as well, does lacks in this area.

Would a launcher with restricted apps + AppLock be enough?

You could create a locked down tablet by using a ROM without Google Play, then make a custom F-Droid build that includes only the app repo that you want.

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Thank you to everyone for the suggestions, this is very helpful.

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