KeePassDX security on a phone

I use KeePassDX on my computer so I am tempted to use the Android version on my phone as I am familiar with it, however I wonder how easy it would be break into it if the phone was lost or stolen. The risk is negligible with my home computer, but the phone is much more at risk.

You have a strong password and a recent updated Android with Full Disk Encryption, right?

How i can check it on my Huawei P20 Pro?

Android Settings - Security - somewhere… not sure on exact path, search for “encrypt” something

But afaik, all newer than Android 6 or so are encrypted by default

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I don’t encrypt anything on the phone as I use it for little more than calls, messages, occasional internet access, and car charging. However I would like a offline password manager to compensate for feeble memory.

But afaik, all newer than Android 6 or so are encrypted by default

It’s a feature :slight_smile:

Really? I didnt know that. So my start up password also decrypts the phone? That’s reassuring.

Your phone’s hardware and software is made by a Chinese corporation, and it has a lot of proprietary code, which is not confidence inspiring.

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So you’re a Chinese agent since you know which device they have?

He said it himself.

Edit: I just noticed that it’s a different person, lmao.


I have initially installed Keepassdroid as it looks simpler than DX. I will try KeepassDX later for comparison.

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